The Power of Online Video

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If video killed the radio star, then Youtube may kill the tv video star. By 2017 – video will account for 69% of ALL consumer internet traffic and Youtube alone receives more that 1 BILLION visitors each month. The success of people and campaigns on Youtube has exploded since its beginnings in 2005. But, its not just Youtube that is the only online video player; Facebook and Vimeo also play a role in housing campaigns and films for marketers and filmmakers alike.

Youtube and online video formats have seen their talented stars rise above the landscape of traditional television; PewDiePie, one of the top Youtube talents, made $12 million dollars in 2015. Being heard, having a story or just wanting to put something on air has never been cheaper or easier. But, the real story is in its marketing capabilities…

Axons research found seven in 10 people view brands in a more positive light after viewing video. Not only is video more engaging for the consumer, it helps them stay on your website for longer, interact with the brand for a greater period of time and makes the consumer more likely to buy a product. It seems that online video is becoming the king of content marketing. But is it here to stay? or just a fad like a double popped collar. Nelson claims that 64% of marketers expect video to dominate their strategies in the near future and some campaigns success stories are already insane. Gopro, Volkswagen and Old Spice have all seen massive success from online campaigns. But what about the little guys? smaller sized companies have gotten success from online video as well. Take for example RevZilla; an e-commerce site and retail store out of Philadelphia. Through video ads demonstrating their products and essential safety tips, they have seen seven millions views and a 50% increase in revenue over the last few years.

So what’s next? Will we all live in a Wall-E world fixed to our computer screens consumed by a world of video and advertising? Hopefully not. But thats not to say its not important. Consumerism is changing and so isn’t the medium that delivers it. The internet has expanded into a web of infinite information and it has become an intricate part of our society. What better way to get someones attention while they are riding the world wide web wave than to show them a cool video.



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